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Medical Wig Classes

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Medical Wig Certification Class

October 1,2018
10:00 AM – 5:00 PM EDT

Topics Covered


build client trust and confidence in thr beginning; we will work on your ability to listen intently to your client in order to address his or her needs. You will learn what type of hair replacement system (cranial prosthesis, wig, integration system, vacuum system, partial hair addition, or micropoint solutions) will work best for your client and whether it will be human hair, synthetic or a blend. You will also learn the terminology that is used in the industry. The consultation is a very important part of the hair replacement business.


You will learn how to select the the density, color, length, curl pattern and the right base for your client. We will show you how to fill out the order forms and how to decide which manufacturer is the best to order from.

Mold Making

You will learn how to find the proper hairline and when to use a plaster cast mould or tape mould.

You also learn how to measure the head and send off for the cranial prosthesis hairpiece

Styling Techniques

Blending the added hair with the client’s existing hair is the most important part of styling. You will learn how to make the hair lay down into the client's hair to then as if the whole head of hair is theirs.

Marketing Plan

You’ll learn the best approach when targeting the medical market. You will learn how to generate profit for your business through conventional advertising and marketing through a website.


You will learn how to process a claim so that you can file the client service on their health insurance. We'll go over the forms required and how to submit them, and supply sample letters if needed.


a) Students are required to bring styrofoam mannequin, mannequin tri-pod stand, shears, comb, and butterfly clips,

Clear Masculine tape, T-pens, pencil and paper, permanent marker and your laptop or iPad,

b) All other necessary course materials and supplies will be provided

For information please call


Contact : Karleah Scott
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