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Store Manager

Karleah Scott

At Total Exchange Hair Design, your satisfaction is our top priority. Our trustworthy and highly committed Store Manager is available to guide you through all your beauty related needs. Pop into our shop today and ask to speak with Karleah Scott who’ll be happy to help

Karleah has been in the hair care industry specializing in extensions for the last 15yrs. She is certified in a number of hair extension methods, But she is most passionate about those who suffer with hair loss due to chemotherapy, alopecia and lupus. Train in the highest level of her profession to service  her client, She is a Non-Surgical Hair Loss Replacement Specialist.

She has always had a passion for people with hair Loss. But it don't stop there Karleah is skilled in every area in hair. Her gold is to exceed every clients expectation. By making them feel new again giving them the ability to regain their confidence back in what ever service one my receive.

 However she loves Natural Hairline units because they are undetectable and she’s able to give her clients the Illusion of Hair growing out of the scalp covering their entire scalp without undergoing surgery.

-Karleah Scott 

No-Surgical Hair Loss Replacement Specialist

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